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Adagio Grass

If you have an area to landscape and have been reluctant to use ornamental grasses - try this one. Adagio grows in a neat mound to 4' tall and as wide with lots of narrow tan plumes, the most of any Miscanthus cultivar. It is an upright, warm season, clump-forming, ornamental grass which features extremely narrow, silver-gray blades that turn yellow in fall. Tiny pink-tinged flowers appear in tassel-like plumes which turn to plumes in the fall. Foliage and flower plumes persist well into winter, providing good winter interest.

Adams Needle

Use in mixed borders and natural areas. Excellent in rock gardens and as an accent among other perennials. Yuccas are very drought tolerant and do well in outdoor container even without supplementary irrigation.

African Iris

The Iris are often grown in borders because the narrow leaves are evergreen, and provide a strong vertical element. They're good along foundations and they will form a dense fan shaped clumps of leaves, making a dramatic ground cover under trees.


Produces clumps of long, shiny, strap-like leaves which look attractive even when the plant isn't flowering. Tall stemmed groundcover, reaching 2 to 6 feet in height, are topped with clusters of pretty, white to dark blue flowers from late spring to early autumn. Each flower resembles the flowers of a lily.


Aztec Grass has white spikes of bell shaped flowers in the summer. This grass is prized for its foliage which is variegated pale yellow to white. Aztec Grass is moderate in growing and has a coarse root system. A great groundcover for the shade or full sun.

Black Mondo

This little groundcover is making a big impact with its stunning contrast, dense, purplish-black grass-like foliage; it's exceptional. Produces dark lavender flowers and purple fall berries, for an added interest.

Blue Daze

The felt-like, gray-green, foliage and pale blue flowers make blue daze a standout in beds and borders or as a ground cover. It's especially attractive grown in masses along with yellow or pink flowering plants.

Blue My Mind

Blue My Mind offers stunning deep sky blue flowers with silver-toned foliage. Blue My Mind is better branched and has larger flowers and more impact than ‘Blue Daze’ and is drought, heat, and humidity tolerant.

Blue Pacific Juniper

This is a great low maintenance evergreen ground cover and it's one of the fastest ground covers to get established. It thrives in alkaline to acidic soils. It is very drought tolerant. Shore juniper is very salt tolerant, and does well in dry, sandy soils, and is thus a good choice for seaside gardens and coastal communities.

Bulb Vine

Bulbine frutescens is native to desert grasslands in South Africa. This plant grows best in well-drained soil and is also very tolerant of poor, dry soil. Be careful not to over water, Bulbine does not like wet feet. Bulbine grows best in full sun, has succulent foliage, and produces racemes of star-shaped yellow with orange flowers in the summer months.

Cast Iron

Aptly named "cast-iron plant" for its seeming ability to last forever in the most adverse conditions, the humble Aspidistra elatior is a staple of the shade garden. It has wide, evergreen leaves that rise up from tough, rhizomatous roots.

Everillo Grass

If you're looking to add a splash of color to a full sun to partly sunny area, look no further than the Everillo Grass. This amazing grass is completely cold hardy to -10 degrees and has a short growth nature of roughly 2 feet. It would also look outstanding as a potting plant with its droopy habit.

Fackahatchee Grass

This is a great plant to add interest and mass to those problematic wet areas like ditches, drainage ponds and near small creeks and streams.


Ferns add a delicate touch to the landscape. Ferns are used in shaded areas, around trees, and small garden pools. Ferns die back in the winter but keep coming back year after year.

Fireworks Grass

This NEW multi-colored Purple Fountain Grass is a rapid grower and prolific bloomer with creamy, pinkish, red-burgundy color throughout both foliage and purple foxtail-like flowers.

Flax Lilly

Flax Lily plants have a foliage that looks similar to the Iris and shoot their blooms well above their foliage as well. However, instead of large blooms they have smaller daisy-like or drooping flowers. The Flax lilly will adapt to Sunny to semi-shade areas, and grow best in warm climates.

Fountain Grass Red

Fountain grass is an attractive perennial grass with a densely clumped growth form and erect stems that grow 2 to 3 feet high. The small flowers of fountain grass are grouped in pink or purple.

Fountain Grass White

Fountain grass is an attractive perennial grass with a densely clumped growth form and erect stems that grow 2 to 3 feet high. The small flowers of fountain grass are grouped in pink or purple.

Foxtail Fern

The Foxtail fern has a strong central stem with dark green, dense needle-like foliage makes an excellent mid-size groundcover.

Gold Coast Juniper

A wonderful twist on a great low maintenance juniper. This juniper has a slow growth habit eventually reaching height of 3-4 ft but the twist is the beautiful yellow frosted look the tips the foliage provide. It's a great plant to use when a little color is needed to encompass a plant bed.


Lantana will add vibrant long-lasting color to shrub groupings. This is a fast growing shrub that is quick to flower. Lantana tolerates salt spray and can be used in beach plantings.

Lirope Evergreen Giant

Use liriope to outline planting beds and to trace the route of paths and walkways. Because it is inexpensive and fast growing, this is an ideal shape defining plant in the landscape, traits that have earned it another common name border grass.

Milky Way Cast Iron

Aptly named 'cast-iron plant' for its seeming ability to last forever in the most adverse conditions, the humble Aspidistra elatior is a staple of the shade garden. It has wide, evergreen leaves that rise up from tough, rhizomatous roots.

Minima Jasmine Varg.

Asiatic jasmine (aka Jasmine Minima) has been grown as a ground cover in Florida landscapes for decades. It is not a grass, but a multi-stem, vine-like, woody plant. Asiatic jasmine is a true ground cover, & its numerous prostrate stems and leaves eventually blanket the ground forming a thick mat.

Mondo Grass

Mondo is a beautiful ornamental grass that completes any well-kept lawn! Mondo Grass multiplies by root separation to extend any garden border. It flourishes in most climates and thrives in sun or shade.

Mondo Grass-Black

Now this is unique!! Black Mondo Grass thrives in morning sun & afternoon shade and prefers soil with high organic matter. Once established, black mondo grass spreads by underground stems to form stunning clumps of jet-black narrow leaves that will be the envy of all your gardening friends.

Muhly Grass

Muhly Grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris, is a must have for the low maintenance garden. Pink Muhly Grass is an absolute show stopping source of late-season color. When summer is winding down and all of your beautiful blooms from summers annuals and perennials are fading, your pink muhly grass with its giant puffs of cotton candy pink like plumes is beginning its autumn dance of color.

Oyster Plants

The plant is two toned, green and purple. It does well in sun or shade but nicer with some shade.

Pampass Grass

The silky, feathery plumes of pampas grass add a nice texture to the home landscape. The plant flowers for a long time in late summer and fall, then as a bonus the plumes can be cut and dried for use indoors.

Peanut Perennial

Ornamental Peanut is an attractive, low-maintenance groundcover, that blooms bright yellow flowers from spring to first frost. This drought-tolerant, hardy perennial requires no supplemental water after it is established. It is in the peanut family, thus it makes its own nitrogen.


The Greenery carries a huge variety of perennials. It is best to call ahead in order to verify availability, as it is changing on a weekly basis.

Society Garlic

This is a perennial that will spread slowly by its rhizomes, but will not become aggressive. Flowers are most fragrant at night. The bulbs and leaves are edible and can be used like garlic and garlic chives.

Sunshine Mimosa

Mimosa is an excellent and low-growing groundcover. The Mimosa produces a nice blend of groundcover with a beautiful ploom flower bonus. May be used on slopes for erosion control as well as any natural or butterfly garden type areas.

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